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Diamond weights, there’s nothing else like this on the planet...

What we have invented is truly amazing, a lead free fishing weight that is completely invisible in water and is 100% environmentally friendly...

This has never been done before.  Many have had the idea to do something like Diamond Weights, but doing it is an invention in itself...  Unlike other weights on the market today, Diamond Weights will blend into any of its surroundings, whatever it may be.  Fish won’t get spooked by fishing weights anymore!
This is not the only project that we are working on, if you think this is good you should see the other projects we will be releasing over the next 18 months.  Our aim is not just to alter technology that already exists, but to completely revolutionise it. Please see our FAQ’s to answer all of your questions.

Please note: We have invented and have patent pending for this technology. We take intellectual property rights theft very seriously.  Anyone found infringing upon our patent will have action taken against them without warning. 

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